Vlinder means butterfly in Dutch. We believe in the butterfly effect of a small behavioral change in a connected world. This is why we created Vlinder, a digital participatory platform that empowers people to make changes in their consumption habits and contribute to impact projects.

Our mission

Our mission is to make people happier by providing a new perspective on their lifestyle and empowering them to act on climate change.

  • Available
  • In development

Manage your finances

  • Connect all your bank accounts
  • Add your crypto accounts
  • Scan your checks to add cash expenses
  • Get a helicopter view of your finances and lifestyle
  • Send money to friends and neighbors, split payments
  • Tie the VlinderCard to any bank account or crypto wallet

Know your CO2 footprint

  • Analyze your bank accounts and cash expenses to know your carbon footprint
  • Track your crypto investment footprint
  • Benchmark with others
  • Set sustainable financial and personal goals

Make a change

  • Discover and initiate local impact initiatives: coordinate with your neighbors, crowdfund, co-create
  • Offset your footprint by investing in green financial products
  • Support UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by contributing to impact projects
  • Make your VlinderCard cash back work for sustainability projects